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Wacky and Wilder Than Ever, Willy Wonka Projects a Wonkavision of Chocolate and Candy at Welcome Week

Blue Jays make their way through Willy Wonka’s Milkyway Maze Thursday
afternoon as part of Welcome Week activities.

Welcome Week 2013 kicked off on Monday, August 26 with none other than Willy Wonka promising buckets of candy and chocolate to the five holders of his coveted Golden Tickets. Wonka’s Ooompa-Loompas secretly concealed five Golden Tickets in the pockets of unsuspecting Blue Jays, who had no idea how worthy they really were. 

Once the five Jays were brought to Wonka’s Inventing Room inside his Chocolate Factory, they were bestowed rivers of chocolate, blue bubble gum, gobs of gobstoppers, and giant blueberries.

Blue Jays of all classes, from pre-freshmen to seniors, experienced a sugary sweet 
Welcome Week courtesy of Willy Wonka. 

Welcome Week Lunchtime Activities

Monday, August 26

Candyland in the Student Commons
 Photo Gallery

Tuesday, August 27

Gobstopper Launch in Will Clark Field
Photo Gallery

Wednesday, August 28 

Alumni Jambalaya Feast Photo Gallery

Thursday, August 29

Milkway Maze in the Parking Lot

Willy Wonka and His Oompa-Loompas at Morning Assembly


“Night of Reflection” Has Pre-freshmen Looking Into Mirrors and Ponder Being Blue Jays

Senior Zach Adams (left, in blue shirt) leads a discussion group at the
“Night of Reflection” for pre-freshmen on Saturday, August 24.

It was a prayerful “Night of Reflection” for the 276 pre-freshmen at Jesuit High School on Saturday, August 24. During a six-hour stay, the eighth graders made new friends and bonded as the Class of 2018. Together, they attended Mass, ate dinner, prayed, played, and participated in small group discusssions.

Encouraged and led by juniors and seniors active in Jesuit’s Campus Ministry program, the pre-freshmen had many opportunities to take long looks in the mirror, perhaps for the first time, as they pondered the responsibilities of being Blue Jays and Men for Others.

In the discussion group above, senior Zach Adams (left, in blue shirt, holding papers) introduces himself and helps break the ice. Clockwise from Adams are junior Matthew Stuckey and senior Evan Wolff, who assisted with putting the new Blue Jays at ease. From Wolff, clockwise, are pre-freshmen Donald Barrett, Stephen Ecuyer, Trent Greco, Grant Glorioso, Colin Gordon, Chase Cutrer, Samuel Caluda, and Grey Ellis.

For 1,418 Blue Jays, a Morning Assembly Officially Opens the New School Year

A view from the roof: Blue Jays line up by homeroom for Friday’s
morning assembly in the Traditions Courtyard.

As morning assembly disperses, junior Charles Jackson takes a handoff of a water bottle
from his classmate Justin Helm.

The first full day of school for the 2013-14 year kicked off on Friday, August 16 without a hitch, hiccup, or even the heebie-jeebies. This year’s enrollment of 1,418 Blue Jays is the largest number since 2005-06 when Jesuit started with 1,459 students. Then there was Katrina, which reduced enrollment to 1,388. This year’s population includes 317 new students, 276 of whom are pre-freshmen. For their first day, Blue Jays experienced all seven of their classes, a mid-morning break, and a lunch period where the cafeteria staff served a lot of gumbo and other delicious treats.

Opening Day Photo Gallery


New Jays Given a Royal Blue “J” — And a Big Brother Welcome — 
at the 2013 Investiture Ceremony

Senior Nicky Charles (right) takes the time to pin the “J” on his Little Brother,
pre-freshman Jarrett Orr, at the Investiture ceremony on Thursday, August 15.

At Jesuit High School’s 2013 Investiture ceremony, 317 new students were formally welcomed as Blue Jays. Escorted by their Big Brothers, 276 pre-freshmen, 40 freshmen, and one junior (an exchange student for one year) received their Blue “J” pins.

The featured alumnus speaker was Graham Williams ’08, who is currently a law student at Tulane Law School.

After the ceremony, Big Brothers went with their Little Brothers through a shortened schedule of classes, which gives new Blue Jays a better feel for their high school and where “things” and events are located. At noon, a spirited pep rally and skit, complete with cheerleaders, Jayson, the Blue Jay Band, was held in Jesuit’s gym, which also goes by the moniker “Birdcage.”

The Investiture ceremony is a relatively new tradition, begun in the school’s 150th year (1997-98). This year’s ceremony was preceded by Mass since Thursday, August 15 was the Feast of the Assumption, a holy day of obligation.


A day at Jesuit entails more than just hitting the books. While formation—both spiritual and academic—is the main focus of a young man’s stay here at Jesuit, it is not the complete picture. Social formation is another aspect of a Jesuit education—an aspect that rounds out the Jesuit student by providing opportunities to practice the principles he has learned and to have fun doing it.

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