2012 Homecoming Mass & Reception Photo Gallery
Edgar L. “Dooky” Chase III  ’67 — 2012 Alumnus of the Year 
Sunday, October 21, 2012 — Chapel of the North American Martyrs /Student Commons

Dooky Chase, Alumnus of the Year 2012, with his mother, Leah Chase

The Jesuit M.C.J.R.O.T.C. Color Guard begins the procession up
the center aisle in the Chapel of the North American Martyrs.

The 50-year graduates from the Class of 1962

The 25-year graduates from the Class of 1987

Cross bearer Tom Perrien ’62 with candle bearers John McMahon ’87 and George Papale ’62.

Ms. Kate Arthur directs the Jesuit chorus.

Jesuit president Fr. Raymond Fitzgerald, S.J. presents Dooky Chase with the 
F. Edward Hebert Award as the 2012 outstanding alumnus. 

Dooky Chase addresses fellow Blue Jays.


Jesuit’s Alumnus of the Year receives a standing ovation.

Rocky Daigle ’85 is recognized for his service to Jesuit as president of the Alumni Association.

Ed Mazoue ’62 and his classmates each received a diploma on the 50-year anniversary
of their graduation.

Brother Larry Huck ’87 and his classmates each received a “J” pin marking the
25-year anniversary of their graduation 

Blue Jays who graduated 10 years ago with the Class of 2002 are recognized.

Dooky Chase is congratulated by Milton Retif, Sr. ’51, who was the 1993 Alumnus of the Year.

A trio of Alumni of the Year: Kevin Heigle ’69 (2009) and
Bob Talbot ’55 (1996) congratulate the newest honoree.

Dooky Chase and Jesuit admissions director Bret Hanemann ’85

Cardell Ross, Jr. ’96 has a word with Fr. Fitzgerald and the honoree.

Moon Landrieu ’48, who was the 13th Alumnus of the Year in 1970, congratulates the 55th honoree.

Trevor Chase, Jr. gives his grandfather a “middle high five.”

The Chase Family gathers on the altar for a portrait with the honoree.
From left: Travis Chase, his wife Chastity, and their daughters Caitlin and Zoλ;
Ava (daughter of Trevor), Trevor Chase, and Trevor, Jr.; Dooky and his wife Alva;
Dooky’s parents Leah and Edgar, Jr. (also Dooky); standing far right and back are
Dooky’s son Edgar IV with his wife Gretchen and their daughter Sidney. Edgar IV,
whose nickname is “Dook,” is a Blue Jay graduate of the Class of 2000. His older
twin brothers, Travis and Trevor, are alumni of St. Augustine High School. 

Terry Billings ’74, Richard Bordelon ’74, and Rocky Daigle ’85

Jason Giaccone (far right) is a music teacher and co-moderator of the Blue Jay Marching Band.
He rounded up four seniors to help provide the Jazz for the reception in the Commons.
From left are Nick Rosato (piano), Ian Rohr (bass), George Neyrey (drums),
and Zach Lannes (alto sax).

Bobbby Fraiche ’63 (left) and Jack Dardis ’59 congratulate Dooky Chase
as Fr. Norman O’Neal, S.J. looks on.  

Father & Son: Bob Weiss ’62 and Rob Weiss ’87 just happen to fall in the 50 and 25-year
anniversary classes, respectively. Rob teaches math and social studies at Jesuit.

Tommy Moran ’86, Bob Bartlett ’75, and Jesuit principal Mike Giambelluca ’82

John Ryan ’70 with his nephews, seniors Austin (left) and Alex Ryan.

A foursome from the Class of ’65: Wayne Thomas, Rich Gonzales, Walter Zehner, and 
Ashton Ryan, who was the 2002 Alumnus of the Year.

The Kitchen Brothers: Phil ’58 and Tom ’65

Mike Barry ’61, Wayne Gillette ’61, and Frank Barry ’67

Father & Son: Pepι  Lafourcade ’90 and Emile Lafourcade ’60

Among the last to stop talking were Jim Donelon ’61, Wayne Fontana ’69, Nick Lorusso ’85,
and Ron Drez ’58.

Dooky Chase, Jesuit’s 2012 Alumnus of the Year, with family and friends.